Logging into LastPass


By default, the LastPass icon turns red (dark gray in Safari) when you have logged in and will turn gray when you have logged off:


To log in using the LastPass plugin, click on the icon and enter your Email and Master Password in the dialog box. Note that the icon is grey here since it is logged out:

LastPass Login Screen


If you use more than one LastPass account, you will be presented with a dropdown menu to select the account you would like to use to log in. If you wish to delete any saved email addresses, click the ‘X’ next to the email field.


Login Preferences

When you are prompted to log in to LastPass, you are given the following options:

Remember Email: If you are using a trusted computer, you can simplify your login process by asking LastPass to automatically fill in your email every time you are prompted to log in. LastPass selects this option by default. Uncheck the box if you are on a computer where you do not wish for your email to be remembered.

Remember Password: LastPass will save your Master Password if you check this setting. By default, LastPass will not check this box, and we don’t recommend doing so unless you are on a trusted device.

I Forgot My Password, Help: If you go to log in and cannot remember your Master Password, click on this link to enter your email and have your password hint sent to you. The information that we email you is only what you entered as your password hint when you registered your Master Password. We do not have access to your Master Password and therefore cannot send you more than your password hint, so you may need to initiate the Account Recovery process.

Create an AccountIf you are using LastPass for the first time or wish to create a new account, this link will launch the account creation process. You will be directed to a confirmation page, where you can choose to ‘Create an Account’. In order to create an account, you must enter a valid email address, a Master Password, and agree to the terms and conditions. We recommend that you also enter a useful password reminder, although you should not enter your actual Master Password as your password hint.

If you are using an untrusted computer or are concerned that keyloggers may have access to your device, you can choose the Virtual Keyboard option to log in.

A ‘Virtual Keyboard’ allows you to help avoid your keystrokes being captured by keyloggers, since keyloggers can’t capture mouse clicks.

The Virtual Keyboard can only be accessed via the LastPass website, which you can navigate to directly at https://lastpass.com or by launching after being prompted to login via the LastPass plugin.

If you navigate to the site, click on the link in the upper-right hand corner to Sign In:


Next, click on the keyboard icon in the password field.


A keyboard will be shown on the screen that you can use to type in your email address and Master Password using your mouse:


If you want to use a non-English character set, you can modify the keyboard by selecting other options in the ‘Standard’ and ‘US’ dropdown menus.

You can also launch the Virtual Keyboard when logging in using the LastPass browser plugin:


Cookies need to be enabled in your browser in order for the LastPass plugin to stay logged in and keep your browser session active, particularly if you want to be able to close your browser and re-launch it with LastPass still logged in.

If you disabled cookies in your browser, you will be logged out when you exit the browser and will be required to re-enter your Master Password to log in, unless you have the “remember password” option checked.

If you have an extension or software that regularly wipes browser cookies, you will be logged off of LastPass, or you will receive red notifications telling you that there’s been an “Error contacting the server”, and asking you to log in again. Enabling 3rd party cookies, or setting an exception for LastPass, will fix this.

To check if you’re clearing cookies, please follow the steps at the top of our debug page: https://lastpass.com/debug.php.

Logging into the Online Vault

If you are unable to login into the browser extension, or cannot install the extension, you can log into the online Vault via the LastPass website – https://lastpass.com