Windows 8 Metro App


LastPass is officially ready for the new platform, with the LastPass Windows app now available in the Windows Store!

The LastPass app provides access to all of your stored data and the core functionality of the password manager, but some features are more limited due to the nature of the platform.

Users must be running Windows 8 RTM to see the LastPass app in the Windows Store and run it on their computer. You must be running the official Windows 8 release to see the LastPass app in the Windows Store. If you’re running the Release Preview or Consumer Preview versions, you’ll need to upgrade.



Tips for Using LastPass in Windows 8:


  • Launch the app and login to automatically sync your stored data.
  • If you have any items marked as Favorites, the Favorites folder will be displayed first by default, followed by the other folders in your Vault. You can use semantic zoom (click the button in the lower-right corner, or use the pinch gesture on touch screens) to view all folders, or scroll horizontally through all folders and stored sites.
  • Right-click (or swipe up) on the lower part of the Vault to access the app bar, with options for adding a site, adding a note, refreshing sites, or logging off.
  • Right-click (or drag down) a site name in the Vault to access the edit, delete, and copy username & password functions.
  • Left-click or tap a site name to launch the login within the LastPass app, where LastPass can fill your usernames and passwords.
  • If you have more than one matching login for a site, click or tap the LastPass icon to select another entry.
  • In the LastPass embedded browser, the icon is always visible in the top-right corner, where options are available to open the Vault, fill forms as you shop, use the Save All Entered Data function, and fill matching logins.
  • The app is integrated into search, which means you can start typing in the LastPass Vault to intiate search or open the Charms menu to enter a keyword to quickly find matching login information.
  • From the Charms menu, you can click or tap “Settings” to set a time limit for “autologoff after idle”.
  • Set up YubiKey, Grid, or Google Authenticator multifactor authentication for better security of your account.
  • Use the password generator in the add/edit page, or in the embedded browser, to generate secure passwords for your sites.
  • Please read the FAQ at the bottom of this page for more information.




Known Limitations of the App:


  • YubiKey, Google Authenticator, and Grid are the only multifactor authentication methods currently supported.
  • Fill Form Profiles cannot be added, edited, or deleted.
  • LastPass cannot hook into Internet Explorer unless you’re in IE desktop, so copy-paste from the LastPass Vault to the browser or elsewhere is the only workaround (Bookmarklets aren’t an option either).
  • Global LastPass account settings aren’t accessible in the app, so you’ll need to use the desktop version to manage your account.



Frequently Asked Questions


Is LastPass integrated with the modern Internet Explorer 10+ (IE10+)? In the modern Windows 8 environment, IE10+ does not support plugins, so it is not possible for LastPass to integrate with it like the desktop version. If this changes, we will add support for it.

Is Internet Explorer used as the embedded browser in LastPass? No. While the browser included as part of the Windows 8 software development kit (SDK) is very nice, it is not a full-featured IE browser, and only allows the host application a limited level of control over its behavior. So while many or most sites will work correctly in the embedded browser, some sites may have strict browser checks that will not allow the embedded browser to work properly.

How do I make LastPass work with other apps, and those sites that don’t work with the embedded browser? LastPass includes Copy Username and Copy Password commands in the app bar, that allow you to paste the information into Internet Explorer or other apps. If Windows 8 is updated to allow LastPass to work more closely with other apps, we will support that. In the meanwhile, LastPass supports snapped mode, so if you need to use IE or another app, you can snap LastPass to the side and use the copy commands to access your credentials.

Why doesn’t LastPass support the Share charm? The Share charm is currently limited to sharing things like URLs and snippets of text, but has no way to specify whether the data is a username or password and should be handled appropriately or put into specific fields. If the Share charm is updated to allow LastPass to securely share login credentials, we will support it.

I can’t find a feature or a feature doesn’t work, what do I do? We will try to include as many of top LastPass features in the Windows 8 version, but some features may simply not be possible. Because applications in the modern Windows 8 environment are walled off from each other, except for very specific communications mechanisms such as the Share charm, features such as plugins are not supported. Finally, if something doesn’t work properly, please contact us and let us know! We want to know what problems you’re having, so that you will have a good experience with our Windows 8 app.

Can I install and run LastPass extensions into Windows Tablets (Surface/Surface Pro)?  Not on ARM-based Windows RT tablets (eg. Surface), but you can if it’s an Intel-based tablet running full Windows 8 (Surface Pro).  However on Windows RT, you can still use Bookmarklets in the “desktop mode” for IE10.

How can I report bugs or questions to LastPass? Please open a support ticket with the team: . The more details you can provide, including screenshots and steps to reproduce where applicable, the better we can investigate and resolve the problem you’re reporting.