Dolphin HD Add-on

If you want the option of using other mobile browsers with LastPass, you can install the LastPass plugin for Dolphin HD, a feature-rich browser for your Android device.

LastPass for Dolphin is a Premium app, but can be trialed for 14 days for free.

Installing LastPass for Dolphin

First, install Dolphin on your Android device. Open the “Play Store” app, search for “Dolphin”, and select “Install”. Once the download is complete, you can open up the “Play Store” app again and search for “LastPass Dolphin.” The LastPass add-on will appear first in the search results, and you can tap “Install” to download the app.

After it finishes downloading, you can launch the Dolphin Browser app and swipe to the left to see the LastPass add-on in the toolbar area:

Using LastPass for Dolphin

Once installed, you can tap on the LastPass icon to launch the login dialog. You can have the app remember your email and/or password, just like the desktop plugin. After entering your Master Password and tapping “login”, you can start browsing:

LastPass for Dolphin HD offers much of the functionality that you find on your computer and other LastPass apps. After logging in, if you swipe left to open Dolphin extensions, and tap the LP Icon- which will be red to indicate an active login- you will be offered a number of actions to take with LastPass:

If you have more than one login for a site, you can tap the LastPass icon and tap “autofill” to see a full list of logins for that domain. Tapping on one of the listed entries will autofill the associated username and password:

If you need to fill out a web form, such as a registration or checkout form, you can tap the LastPass icon and tap “Fill Forms” to see a full list of your Form Fill profiles. Tapping on one of the profiles will autofill the form:


Selecting Tools from the main action menu will offer you the options to Generate Password, change Identities, Recheck Page, or Refresh Sites available in your Vault:


The password generator offers all of the same features and options available as the full password generator in the LastPass browser plugin for desktops:

Your LastPass Vault on Dolphin

To view your LastPass Vault, select My LastPass Vault.  You’ll be be able to view all your saved entries that you normally see in your Vault on a computer or elsewhere.  From here, you can launch your sites, edit them, and even Add Copy Notifications to login to other apps. You can also Add Sites, Secure Notes, and Form Fills from your Vault, as well as switch Identities.  All this is done by selecting the Menu button once inside the Vault:


Selecting the Preferences option allows you to change important LastPass settings:

  1. Automatically Logoff when all browsers are closed:  This option enables you to have LastPass Automatically log you out of your account when the Dolphin Browser is fully closed.
  2. Enable Fast Decryption: Enables the app to use the fastest decryption possible. This should only be disabled if the app is crashing.
  3. Enable Icon: Enables your site favicons to be viewed in your Vault.
  4. Enable Logging: Enables error logging by the LastPass app in the case of an internal error or app crash.
  5. Default Site Action: Enables you to change the default actions taken when you tap a site in your Vault.  The options are Edit Site, Launch Site, Add Copy Notifications.
  6. Local Data Location: Allows you to change the location of locally cached data from the default location to your memory card.

Selecting the More Option (from the main vault screen), will show you additional options that are available:


  1. Refresh Sites: This forces LastPass ‘poll’ the server for updates that may have been made to your account.   This will always update the server of any changes you have made on your Android.  By default, these updates only happen on the Android when you use ‘Refresh Sites’ or when you login to your account.
  2. Never URLs: Allows you to view and edit your Never URLs.
  3. Clear Local Cache: Clear’s LastPass’ locally cached data.
  4. About:  Shows you the version number of the LastPass extension.