LastPass for iOS is an application that will allow you to carry your LastPass data around with you and easily login to websites from your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It is compatible with iPhone (3GS, 4, 4S, and 5) iPod Touch (3rd, 4th, and 5th generations) and iPad (1,2,3,4, and Mini). It requires iOS 4.3 or later and is optimized for iPhone 5.

LastPass for iOS includes a built-in browser that will automatically fill your login information for each of your stored LastPass sites while giving you access to most major features.

The iOS application allows you to download all of your LastPass information from the server and store it in a secure, encrypted data-store that is saved to your iPhone. As always, this data can only be unlocked using your email address and Master Password.

As with all smartphone apps, LastPass for iOS is part of our Premium offering.

Installing LastPass for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad

To install LastPass for iOS, open the App Store on your device and search for LastPass.

Logging into LastPass

LastPass for iOS decrypts your data and displays all of your Secure Notes and Sites in a searchable interface. It also allows you to add, update, and delete Secure Notes and Sites and launch a browser to easily login to your sites.

After installing the LastPass browser application on your iOS device, you can launch the application by tapping on the icon. LastPass will then open up a browser. Tap the LastPass icon at the top left to bring up the login page as shown below:


Once you submit your login credentials, LastPass will launch your searchable Vault:

The LastPass Vault


From the Vault page, you will have access to all major LastPass features and options.  The first thing you will see is your Sites tab and a list of all Sites that you have in your LastPass account.  Tapping on any of these Sites will bring up your Site action menu:


This menu allows you to Delete the entry, Launch your Site in the LastPass browser, View the Site entry and credentials, Edit the Site, Copy the Username or Password from the entry to the iOS clipboard, or Show the Password.  Launching your site from the Vault will AutoFill your login credentials for that particular Site. Look below for more information on web browsing using the LastPass iOS app.


The Notes tab is a separate listing of all the Secure Notes that you have stored in LastPass:


Tapping on a Note here will allow you to view the Note:

IMG_1264Clicking ‘Edit’ will allow you to edit the note as seen below. By clicking on the camera icon, you can add an image to the note. By clicking on the microphone icon, you can add a voice recording to your note.


Form Fills

By tapping on the Form Fill tab, it will bring you to a separate listing of all of your form fill profiles:



The LastPass Menu

By clicking on the LastPass icon in the top right-hand corner of your Vault, you will be given a number of options:


My LastPass Vault allows you to return to your Vault. Sites takes you to your stored sites as well as gives you the option to save a site. Form Fills displays your stored Form Fills and allows you to create a new Form Fill Profile or Add a Credit Card Profile. Secure Notes allows you view your current Secure Notes and Add a Secure Note. Generate Secure Password will open the password generator tool.  Security Check will allow you to check how secure the Passwords in your Vault are. Tools will give you the option to change to an Identity or Refresh your Vault (Force LastPass to sync updating any changes you have made), as well as take you to your Preferences and About  page, which will provide the current version number you are using and when it was built. Lastly, Logoff will manually log you off.





    1. Clear LastPass Cache: Clears the local cache of the Vault in the app.
    2. Clear Clipboard: Erases your clipboard so the last thing you copied will not paste.
    3. Clear Browser Cookies: Clears the LastPass cookies.
    4. Clear Browser Cache: Clears the local cache of the LastPass browser.
    5. Close All Tabs: Closes all tabs in the LastPass browser.
    6. Remember Email: Automatically fill in your email address next time you login to the app.
    7. Remember Password: Automatically fill in your password next time you login to the app (Warning: this will significantly decrease the security of your LastPass account! This will also disable Master Password reprompt).
    8. Close Tabs on Logout: Browser tabs will automatically close after logging out.
    9. Clear Cookies on Logout: Browser cookies will automatically be deleted after logging out.
    10. Show List Index: Allows your groups to appear in the Vault so you can search easily by group.
    11. Never logoff when idle: This will keep you logged into LastPass for as long as you do not manually logout or exit the app. You can toggle this to Logoff after idle for __ mins.
    12. Use Pin Code/Require pin after returning from background: This allows you to set a pin number to login after returning from the background. This is especially useful if you enabled Remember Password. You can toggle Require Pin after returning from background to Require pin after idle __ minutes.
    13. Advanced Settings: This will take you to more options and settings:



  1. Username in Vault: Allows usernames to be listed below LastPass entries when viewing in the Vault
  2. Search within Secure Notes: Allows you to search words and phrases within your secure notes.
  3. Search within Username Fields: Allows you to search words or phrases within your username fields.
  4. Search Engine: Allows you to set your default search engine.
  5. LastPass Data Center: Allows you to view which data center your data is store at.
  6. Safari Bookmarklet/LP Autofill/LP Autologin/LP FormFill: provides directions on how to install each of the Safari. By tapping on any of these Bookmarklet links, you will be taken to a page in Safari that you can bookmark.  Bookmarklets will allow you to AutoFill, AutoLogin, and Form Fill in the Safari mobile browser.  The LastPass App cannot AutoFill in Safari  (Safari does not allow 3rd party integration) – only in the LastPass browser built into the app.  For more information on Bookmarklets, go to our Bookmarklet page.

Using the LastPass Browser on iOS device

While you can use the LastPass app solely as a repository for your passwords, for the best experience we recommend that you use the built-in browser to view and AutoFill your site logins.  To get to the LastPass browser, you can launch a site from your LastPass Vault or you can simply type in a URL in the search bar.




When you launch a site from the LastPass Vault on your iOS device, it will automatically fill in your login credentials.  If you choose to manually navigate to a site using the browser, you can still AutoFill by selecting the grey LastPass asterisk within the login textboxes.  You will then be presented with all of your existing entries for the current site you are on:



If you are at a webpage with a form to fill, clicking on the grey LastPass asterisks will give you fill form options:



 If you click on the grey LastPass asterisks in a generate password field, you can use our password generator as seen below:


Tapping Show Advanced Options will provide more options as seen below:


LastPass Limitations in iOS Devices


Unfortunately with Apple strictly locking down the iOS environment, these following limitations are known with no workarounds:

Safari Mobile Integration — Safari mobile does not allow 3rd party extensions, therefore we are unable to integrate into the browser with LastPass’ features.

Logging into other Apps – Apple’s limitation on the types of interactions/communication that takes place between iOS apps prevents us from being able to auto fill passwords into other apps from the LastPass app. And while launching some apps is possible, we do not support it because Apple’s URL scheme-based system cannot be generalized to work with all apps, and we cannot guarantee that the app launched is the correct application, since multiple apps can register for the same URL scheme.

iPhone Fingerprint Scanner — Apple does not allow 3rd party applications to integrate the fingerprint scanning feature offered on the the iPhone 5s.

Chrome Mobile and LastPass Bookmarklets – [Chrome for iOS Bookmarks are currently down. Bookmarklets will not work until Chrome's development has fixed the issue. We apologize for the inconvenience]After installing Bookmarklets, please review this video on how to utilize them in Chrome mobile:

[Video Source:]


LastPass and iCab

We have joined with iCab, a leading mobile browser for iOS, to support LastPass. With iCab’s update to 7.2, LastPass Premium users can enjoy direct integration with the browser, with the ability to save new sites, fill logins stored in LastPass, and fill forms with LastPass profiles.

When you launch the browser, you can login and out of your LastPass account from iCab’s settings (the gear icon). The LastPass icon will then show in the iCab URL bar, which is actually a clickable menu. From the menu, you can save a new site, fill a form with an existing profile, fill a login saved in LastPass, or launch the site.

iCab is available for $1.99 on the App Store for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad with iOS 5.1 or later.

Note that none of the multifactor authentication options are currently supported on iCab mobile browser.

If you have multifactor authentication enabled for your LastPass account, and have restricted mobile login, you’ll receive an error that the device is restricted.

You will need to go to your LastPass Icon > My LastPass Vault > Settings > Multifactor Authentication, ensure that you have permitted mobile access with your multifactor authentication method. Then in the “Mobile Devices” tab ensure that you uncheck the “restrict” option, if it was previously checked, then login again on the iCab mobile browser.