Upgrading to Premium

LastPass offers a Premium service for $1/month that covers mobile support and advanced multifactor authentication options, including:

Premium users also receive priority support with faster response time.

Testing Premium

All LastPass users can test Premium offerings over a 14-day trial period. During that time period you will be able to download LastPass mobile applications for any of your smartphones, as well as try out our additional multifactor authentication methods.

You can simply login using your device to start using the Premium trial, and will have the option to purchase the Premium subscription at the end of the 2-week period.

Purchasing Premium

You can upgrade to a Premium subscription for $1/month ($12/year) at any time using PayPal or Direct Credit Card.

You only need to purchase one Premium subscription to use all of the above apps and devices on a single LastPass account.

After completing your transaction, LastPass will automatically upgrade your account and you’ll have access to the above-mentioned Premium downloads. Your LastPass account itself, including your browser plugins and Local Vault, will continue to look and function as it did while you used the Basic service.

You can verify your Premium status by looking at the bottom of the Premium page, although LastPass automatically upgrades your account when you log out and back in.

If you use PayPal as your payment method, PayPal will automatically cancel your LastPass subscription if you make any changes to your credit card details. This means that you will be notified that you are no longer subscribed to LastPass Premium, although you will be able to finish out what is left of your paid year of Premium. We will send you an automated email when it is time for you to renew your subscription.

Why a Recurring Subscription Fee?

Paying a recurring fee will allow you to continually benefit from our advances as we improve LastPass and add new features. It forces us to innovate, work with you to meet your needs, and continually improve the product in the best ways possible for our users. It also allows you to try out the Premium service for a customizable length of time without the obligation of committing to a large up-front one time fee.