Uninstalling and Deleting LastPass


Before you complete the below steps to uninstall LastPass or delete your account, please contact us at Support to see whether we can help you address your issue: http://lastpass.com/support_helpcenter.php

If you find that you need to uninstall LastPass or delete your account, we ask that you leave us feedback in the forms provided so that we can either help you resolve the problems you’re experiencing or use your comments to continue making improvements.



Uninstalling LastPass


Uninstalling LastPass for ONLY a specific browser:

  • Internet Explorer and Firefox extensions, go to Start -> Program Files -> LastPass -> Uninstall LastPass.
  • Google Chrome extension, go to Google Chrome -> Menu (3 bars) -> Tools -> Extensions and click the Trash can symbol next to LastPass.
  • Firefox extension for Windows, go to Tools -> Add-ons -> Extensions -> Remove LastPass.
  • Firefox extension for Mac OS X, go to Tools -> Add-ons -> Extensions -> Remove LastPass.
  • Safari for Mac OS X extension, go to Safari -> Preferences -> Extensions -> LastPass -> Uninstall
  • Safari for Windows extension, go to Safari -> Edit -> Preferences -> Extensions -> LastPass -> Uninstall.
  • Opera extension, go to Opera -> Extensions -> Click ‘X’ to Remove from Opera.



Deleting Your LastPass Account


Go to the Delete Your Account page and follow the directions. As the web page mentions, please be sure to export and save all of your data before deleting your account, as this operation is not reversible. If you also can’t remember your password, you’ll have to use Delete account no password, which will send you a confirmation email first.

If you choose to permanently delete your account, you should also uninstall the software from every device you used with LastPass.