LastPass allows you to classify some sites as ‘Favorites’. In addition to their normal grouping, they will also be shown in the Favorites group which is at the top of your ‘My LastPass Vault’ page for easy access:



You can also view your Favorites from your LastPass Icon menu, and clicking on ‘Sites’:


This is often helpful if you find yourself always checking email, opening your financial site and logging into a social networking site first thing in the morning – all of this can be accomplished with a single click of ‘Open Favorites’.

A site that you mark as Favorite will show up in two places in your Vault – in your Favorites folder and in its Group folder. This is not a duplicate entry, but rather the same site displayed in two locations. If you delete the site in your Favorites, it will be deleted in its other location as well.

Marking a Site as Favorite

To make one of your sites a Favorite, you can click on the ‘Make This a Favorite’ checkbox when you first add the site to LastPass: