We’re rolling out a new and improved LastPass experience that gives you easy access to your digital life so you can store, fill, and share a wider variety of information faster than ever. The updates you’re seeing in your vault, including changes to your existing form fills and secure notes, are part of the new look and feel. All your information is still in your vault, just organized in a different way to make LastPass easier to use and give you more control.

New Item Categories

Form Fills and Secure Notes have been replaced with item categories that are more specific to the type of information, such as payment cards, bank accounts, passwords, wi-fi credentials, і більше. We have over 15 pre-built templates, or you can build-your-own with our custom option, that you choose from when you add a new item.

All of your existing Form Fill profiles and Secure Notes have been moved into the new categories based on how it was created, whether it’s an address, credit card number, bank account, і т.д.. This is what you’re seeing in the left-hand menu of your vault. This is a familiar experience for existing users, but now you can easily see all the information in your vault with additional benefits that allow LastPass to integrate more seamlessly into your workflow.

New Items in the In-Field Menu and Browser Extension

Anything in your vault that LastPass can fill—passwords, financial information, and contact details—will be available from the in-field menus and the LastPass extension. The key difference is that you’re in control of which data we fill on the page for you. Наприклад, if you’re paying a bill online that has options for a bank account transfer or a credit card payment, you can pick which of those you want us to fill, rather than filling in both.

Within the in-field menu, you will view all related items that LastPass can fill – not just passwords. This is especially useful for filling forms where you only need to select certain information, such as your shipping address, but not your credit card number. You can also hover over each item to copy the username or password, or edit the item.