We select the default settings for your Advanced options that we feel will optimize your browsing experience with LastPass. Међутим, you may wish to change these settings according to your security needs or personal preferences.

Advanced preference options will vary from browser to browser; not all of the below-listed preferences may be offered as options in your current browser(s).

To access your Advanced preferences, иди у своју ЛастПасс Ицон, select Preferences, and click on the Advanced tab in the left-hand menu:


Automatically login to sites if time since last login > (seconds): LastPass is set to automatically log you back in to a site after 25 seconds if you have been logged off.

Warn before filling insecure forms: If you are concerned about security when filling out a web form, you can enable LastPass to notify you of a possibly insecure form; this setting is disabled by default. This setting determines what an insecure form is by distinguishing between GET and POST submission forms.

Respect AutoComplete=off: Allow websites to disable the Autofill feature. This option is disabled by default.

Poll Server for account changes: By default, LastPass will poll the server every 15 minutes to check for changes to your LastPass account.

Clear Clipboard after use: LastPass is set to clear your clipboard after a default amount of time. If you’ve been copy/pasting your secure data into login fields or web forms, this ensures that your data cannot be compromised by being left on the clipboard. You must have the binary component installed for this option.

Recently Used Site List: LastPass automatically shows ten of your most recently visited LastPass-stored sites under the ‘Recently Used’ подмени. Међутим, this preference option allows you to customize the number of recently used sites that appear in your ‘Recently Used’ подмени. If you set the value to zero, the ‘Recently Used’ submenu will disappear from your Icon menu.

Search within secure notes: By default, LastPass gives you the ability to search within your Сецуре Белешке.

Open Login dialog when start browser: LastPass does not enable this feature by default. By enabling this option, you will be automatically prompted to log in to LastPass upon opening your browser. We recommend this setting if you use LastPass every time you open your browser and prefer not to have to click the icon to log in.

Save a disabled One Time Password locally for Account Recovery: By default, LastPass stores a One Time Password to aid you in the Рачун опоравак process, should you forget your Master Password.

It is important to note that if an attacker is able to obtain your locally stored OTP (and decrypt it while on your pc) and gain access to your email account, they can compromise your data if this option is turned on. We feel this threat is low enough that we recommend the average user not to disable this setting.

Share login state between other browsers: If you frequently use more than one browser, you can set LastPass to share login states between all browsers with the plugin installed on your operating system. На пример, if you use both Firefox and Chrome with the shared login state enabled, you can log in to one browser and automatically be logged in to the other. When you are done with your browsing session, logging out of one will also log you out of the other. The shared login state is enabled by default to make your browsing experience faster and easier. The binary component must be installed to make this option available.

Enable New Login Screen: Enables the new login screen in Chrome that pops out directly from the LastPass icon in the browser toolbar. De-selecting this option reverts to the previous login process, where selecting Login from the icon launched a full tab in Chrome and allows you to login there.

Clear Filled Fields on Logoff: Enabling this preference will automatically clear any fields that have been filled by LastPass on the current page your browser is on when you log off LastPass.

Show Matching Sites in top Level Menu: Selecting this option will show matching sites for the current page your browser is on in the top level of the dropdown menu from the LastPass browser toolbar icon. This is where matching sites previously used to appear in 2.0 versions of LastPass. In LastPass 3.0 versions, matching sites show under the “Show Matching Sites” option on the top level of the dropdown menu, and are only one click away.

Језик: Allows you to change the Default language setting for the browser plugin. This change will само apply to the plugin whose settings you are editing, so you will need to modify the selection on all LastPass browser extensions that you use in addition to the Online Vault language setting.