LastPass Manager Basics

At its most basic, a “password manager” like LastPass is software that helps a user store their usernames and passwords, usually implemented as a browser extension.

In addition to securely storing your login data, the LastPass Password Manager offers a number of convenient features, including:

  • One-click login: Simply click on a site entry to launch the URL and have LastPass autolog you in.
  • Automatic form fill: Create profiles storing your address, phone number, email, and other details so that you can fill registration forms and shopping details in a single click.
  • Secure Notes: Save non-login data in a digital notepad, such as bike lock codes, application passwords, and more.
  • Sharing: Securely share login details or a secure note with another LastPass user.
  • Import/Export options: Import or export your saved logins at any time using a number of different options.
  • Password¬†generator: Generate random, unique passwords for each of your sites to minimize security risks.
  • Virtual keyboard: On a public computer where keyloggers are a risk? Use the virtual keyboard to keep your email and Master Password from being recorded.
  • One Time Passwords (OTPs): Create and store passwords that can be used once for logging in on potentially insecure public computers.
  • Identities: Organize your data into different Identities that you can easily switch between, such as ‘work’ and ‘personal’.
  • Cross-browser, cross-platform support: Install LastPass on all your browsers and operating systems, not to mention take it on the go on your smartphone or tablet.

Once you have installed LastPass and created an account, you can access your Vault and start using the LastPass features by logging in.

Watch the Basic Introductory Tutorial