Do you worry about your family, friends, partner, or spouse having access to important accounts should something happen to you? Do you want an easy way to give them the passwords and logins they’d need to manage accounts on your behalf? Prepare for the unexpected and ensure your loved ones don’t get locked out of important accounts, like paying bills or the mortgage, and that they can manage your digital legacy.

With the Emergency Access feature, you can give trusted family and friends access to your LastPass account in the event of an emergency or crisis. Your designated Emergency Access contact(s) can request access to your account and securely receive the passwords and notes without knowing your Master Password. You decide how much time should pass before they’re given access once they request it, and you can decline access if it’s requested unnecessarily.

Emergency Access can also be used as an alternative account recovery feature. If you worry about ever forgetting your master password and want to ensure you have a backup way of recovering your vault, set another person as your Emergency Contact. When needed, they can access your data.

Please note: the person you share access with will need their own LastPass account as well.