Multifactor Options


Multifactor authentication refers to a device that can be enabled for use with your LastPass account, and requires a second step before you can gain access to your account. Multifactor authentication devices help protect your account from keyloggers and other threats – even if your Master Password were captured, someone would be unable to gain access to your account without this second form of authentication.

To enable Multifactor Authentication, go to the LastPass Vault > Account Settings > Multifactor Options.  Detailed instructions for each Multifactor Option is provided below.



Lost Multifactor


Whenever you login with Multifactor Authentication enabled, you are prompted to use your authentication code to login.  Underneath the entry field for your code , there is a link entitled:

“If you lost your device, click here to disable authentication.”


“I’ve lost my device.”

Clicking this link will send an e-mail to your LastPass account e-mail address (or security e-mail address if you have set one), that will contain a link that will temporarily disable your Authenticator. If you are unable to access your e-mail for some reason, and have lost your Authenticator device, please do the following:

  1. Check your email settings. Go to your My Account page (LastPass Icon > Tools > Advanced Tools > My Account) > Email Notifications > Change Settings. Make sure the appropriate email types are enabled.
  2. The email  may have blocked by an email filter or sent was sent to Spam. To ensure that this does not occur, please add as a contact and to your email filter’s whitelist. Then prompt LastPass to send you another email.

If you have a security email set, the email you are looking for may be there. Note that your security email is different then the email you use to login to LastPass with.