LastPass Pocket

LastPass Pocket is a stand-alone application (available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux) that can be installed on a USB memory device, allowing you to carry your LastPass data around with you. Pocket provides backup capability and offline access for your Vault.  If you would like a mobile version of LastPass that has full functionality, we recommend LastPass Portable.

Since you can always access your LastPass data via the plugin or website, LastPass Pocket is intended to be used when you do not have an Internet connection but need to access information for a Secure Note or a Site.

Pocket allows you to access all your data from the locally cached and encrypted version of your data on your local drive.  Using Pocket, you can also download all of your LastPass information from the server and store it in a secure, encrypted file that can be saved to your USB key. As always, this data can only be unlocked using your email address and Master Password combination.

Installing Pocket

To install LastPass Pocket, navigate to the download page on the LastPass website, select the tab for your corresponding operating system, and scroll down to LastPass Pocket:

Click ‘Download’ to install the application on your computer. You can then drag and drop the file onto a USB memory stick, where it can be accessed on any computer with a USB port.

Using Pocket

To launch Pocket, double-click on the application file. You will be prompted to enter your email and Master Password combination:

By default, LastPass will load your data via, but you also have the option of accessing a stored file from your computer.  Pocket will already have the local path to your cached data ready to be selected in the upload field.  You can also choose to upload your LastPass Encrypted File.   Simply enter your email and Master Password, then click ‘Open’ to begin using Pocket.

Please note,  your encrypted cache is present on your computer by default as soon as you log in to the LastPass browser extension, and can be used with Pocket.  This is now supported using Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, and Opera browsers.

To specifically use a LastPass Encrypted File,  you have to manually export this file for use with Pocket.  You can do this by going to your LastPass browser extension Icon > Tools > Export To > LastPass Encrypted File.

After logging in, Pocket decrypts your data and displays all of your Secure Notes and Sites in a searchable interface:

The menu bar icons give you a range of options, including (from left to right):

  • Load encrypted data from account or local file
  • Reveal passwords in plain text
  • Show/hide Groups pane
  • Show/hide Notes pane
  • Show/hide Details pane
  • Copy username to clipboard
  • Copy password to clipboard
  • Copy URL to clipboard
  • Copy notes to clipboard
  • Copy site name to clipboard
  • Copy group name to clipboard

Double-clicking on a piece of data will automatically save it to the clipboard, allowing  you to then paste the login information on the site in the browser window. Although you can copy/paste all login elements of your saved sites or Secure Notes, you cannot edit or delete any data that has been synced to Pocket.