IE Anywhere

The IE Anywhere application, one of our Premium portable offerings, allows LastPass users complete access to their stored data and all regular features of the browser plugin without the need to download or install software on a computer. As with all of our Premium offerings, IE Anywhere can also be tested over a 14-day free trial.

After downloading the plugin to a USB drive*, users can access the new IE Anywhere features, including:

  • Ability to run the LastPass extension on currently non-supported browsers such as IE Tab in Firefox and Sleipnir
  • Ability to hook into IE on any computer without installing the plugin
  • Allows users who are not able to download and install software on their computer to access and use their LastPass account (e.g. while at work or on a public computer)
  • Complete access to stored LastPass data without leaving any data on the computer – no files created, with nothing stored in the computer registry

Downloading IE Anywhere

To download IE Anywhere, begin by clicking on the download link:

Locate the saved file on your computer and drag/drop the file onto a USB drive.

Now that IE Anywhere is saved to your USB drive, you can run it on browsers such as Internet Explorer, IE Tab in Firefox, Sleipnir and others on any computer with a USB port.

Using IE Anywhere

To run IE Anywhere after inserting the USB drive into the port, simply open the USB drive folder and double-click on the application. A LastPass icon will appear in your taskbar:

If the icon is grayed out, you are logged out of LastPass. To log in, click on the icon and select Login, which will prompt you to enter your email and Master Password:

Next, launch your browser. A small LastPass icon will appear in the upper corner of the browser page:

By clicking on the icon, you will have access to all normal features of LastPass:

Now you can navigate to a site where you have a stored account with LastPass, and the plugin will autofill the information in the login fields:

The icon that appears within the browser page contains features that are relevant to the site you may be navigating to, such as AutoFill, Generate Secure Password, Copy Username or Password, Fill Form, or Save All Entered Data.

The icon that appears on the taskbar offers more global functions, such as launching your Local LastPass Vault, Sites, Secure Notes, Preferences, Help, and Tools:

To log out of IE Anywhere, simply click on the taskbar icon and select Logoff.

You can then eject your USB drive. No data left on the computer, no files created, nothing in the registry, and no plugin installed!

*Note: If you are unable to use a USB at your computer, IE Anywhere .exe file can also be installed on and run from a CD.