How is LastPass Safe?

Your security and privacy are our top priority – that’s why we’ve taken every step possible to ensure that your data is safely stored and synced in your LastPass account.

All sensitive data is encrypted locally

All encryption/decryption occurs on your computer, not on our servers. This means that your sensitive data does not travel over the Internet and it never touches our servers, only the encrypted data does.

We use government-level encryption

We use the same encryption algorithm that the United States Government uses for top-secret data. Your encrypted data is meaningless to us and to everyone else without the decryption key (your email and Master Password combination).

Only you know the key to decrypt your data

Your encryption key is created from your email address and Master Password. Your Master Password is never sent to LastPass, only a one-way hash of your password when authenticating, which means that the components that make up your key remain local. This is why it is very important to remember your LastPass Master Password; we do not know it and without it your encrypted data is meaningless. LastPass also offers advanced security options that let you add more layers of protection.

You control your security settings

We know that one size does not fit all when balancing security and ease of use. That’s why we allow you to decide which is more important by providing a full range of security settings and options. We strongly encourage you to review your Extension Preferences and Account Settings after downloading LastPass to customize your security level.

You can generate unique, strong passwords

No more using the same password for all of your sites. No more writing down passwords on little pieces of paper. No more emailing yourself when you forget your password. Use our password generator to create strong passwords for each site and automatically save them to your vault. With LastPass, you will be safer than ever before without the hassle of remembering unique passwords.

No more using your browser’s insecure password manager

Were you surprised at how easily we retrieved all of your passwords from your browser when you installed our software using the LastPass application? Unfortunately, any malicious application can easily do the same. With LastPass, you’re protecting ¬†yourself from these attacks!

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