Importing from RoboForm

Importing from RoboForm 7

Siber Systems has changed the export process in the newest version of RoboForm – version 7 does not include the option to export your logins with the full site URL. Although you will still be able to export your passcards, they will not be imported to LastPass correctly. Without the full URL of the site, LastPass doesn’t know where the login fields are, and autofill will likely be dysfunctional.  You will have to add them manually.

Note: You can also use the passive import method

How to import your passwords from RoboForm:

1) First, you will want to download RoboForm 6.9.92 (you will want to use a browser other than Firefox, which does not support this older version)

2) To export, find the RoboForm icon in your browser and go to Logins > Print List, which will cause a new dialog box to appear:


2) You will then want to check the “Full URL” option:


3) Click “Save” and then set the file type to .htm (html files) :


4) Open the RoboForm file with Notepad (Right-click > Open with > Notepad)

5) Click File > Save As and select “UTF-8″ from the “Encoding” dropdown and save it:


6) Open your browser and click your LastPass Icon > Tools > Import from > RoboForm > Import and select the file:


Please Note: If you receive the Error Message: “Found 0 items or could not parse data” when attempting to import , open your exported file in Notepad again and Right-click > Select All > Copy on your data and paste it into the RoboForm import window (sign in at and click the in-vault LastPass dropdown icon > Import > Source > RoboForm in order to access the import window)

This message can also mean that you were attempting to import non-English characters from RoboForm to LastPass. Please switch back to UTF-16 in these instances (open the RoboForm file with Notepad > File > Save As > Encoding: UTF-16). If you continue to have problems, please submit a Support Ticket and we will be happy to assist you further.

You can repeat these same steps to import your RoboForm Safenotes and Identities.

How to import your profiles from RoboForm 7:

1) In RoboForm, go to Options > User data and click on ‘Explore folder’.

2) Copy the selected folder onto your desktop.

3) Delete the content of the selected folder.

4) Copy and paste the content of the other RoboForm profile folders into the selected folder.

5) On the RoboForm toolbar, click on “Print list…” and save the passcards list.

6) Import the RoboForm html file into LastPass.

7) Delete the selected RoboForm folder and move the RoboForm folder from the desktop to its original location.