Downloading and Installing

Downloading and installing the plugin, as well as creating your new LastPass account, takes less than 5 minutes.

After creating your new LastPass account, you never need to create another account – your stored data is securely synced to our servers, so downloading the plugin to a new browser and/or operating system allows you to easily access everything in your one LastPass account.

When creating your Form Fill profile during the installation process, you are prompted – but in no way required – to enter personal information that you may want to use when filling out site registration forms or shopping checkout forms. LastPass does not have access to any of the data you choose to include in your Form Fill profile, and we never require any personal data from you.

Download & Install

Begin by clicking ‘Download’ from our main page, where LastPass will recommend a package to you based on your browser and operating system:



You will see the pop up to install, or the option to cancel and select to go to the downloads page.


After downloading the full recommended installer, a menu will present you with the following dialog screen:


After completing the installation process, you can restart your browser(s), where you will then see the LastPass Icon (a small square with an asterisk) in one of your browser menu corners.

If you are downloading LastPass on a Mac, you will need to download LastPass on each individual browser. After clicking the download link for the corresponding browser plugin, simply follow the installer prompts. After following the instructions through to completion, restart your browser(s) to view the LastPass Icon in the browser menu.

Using LastPass on Locked Computers

You may need to access your LastPass account on a computer that does not allow installation of add-ons, or where you do not wish to leave any files behind. In our mission to provide you with the most comprehensive access possible, we have developed the following options:

  • Website access – You can always login to your LastPass account via to securely access your decrypted data.
  • LastPass Pocket – Our Pocket application is a desktop version of your Vault that you can download to a USB drive and use to access your stored login data.
  • LastPass Portable for Firefox and Chrome – Download the Firefox or Chrome portable browsers and install the LastPass plugin. The portable browser can then be saved to a USB drive and carried with you.
  • IE Anywhere – Part of our Premium offering, IE Anywhere is a portable plugin that you can download to a USB drive. The plugin can then dynamically hook into Internet Explorer and other IE-based browsers on Windows operating systems without leaving behind a file.