Getting Started

Downloading LastPass and creating your account is fast and simple.

We recommend that you download from the main download page, where LastPass will recommend the best plugin package based on your operating system. Simply click download to initiate the installation process.

Using the installer, you will be able to:

  • Create your LastPass account
  • Find insecure passwords currently on your system and import them into LastPass
  • Secure your system by deleting these insecure logins
  • Create a Form Fill profile
  • Install the LastPass Browser Plugin for browsers on your operating system

LastPass also packages a stand-alone Firefox add-on for Windows, Mac or Linux. This may also be retrieved from our website. After installation, a wizard will allow you to create an account and import your insecure logins stored in Firefox.

After installation, watch our screencasts describing the basics of how to use the LastPass Password Manager, such as automatic form filling, generating secure passwords, and multifactor authentication.

Need help creating a good Master Password? Check out our recommendations for securing your LastPass account.

Watch The Tutorial on LastPass Basics