Shared Family Folders

Shared Family Folders

LastPass Premium users are now able to utilize one Shared Folder to manage and access joint accounts.

A Shared Family Folder is a special folder that you can share with family and friends so that any data added to the folder is synced between all the Vaults of those users added to the folder.

You can add up to 5 other LastPass users to the Shared Family Folder.

Only the creator of the Shared Family Folder must be a LastPass Premium user – any recipients can be free or Premium users.

Adding a Shared Family Folder

First, select “Manage Shared Folders” from your LastPass Vault Actions menu:


Click “Create a New Shared Folder” and name it:


Next, click “Edit” under the “Actions” column next to the folder to add other LastPass users:


After you add other LastPass users to this folder it will appear in your Vault. Your Sharees will receive a confirmation email to accept the share. Once it has been accepted, it will also show in their Vault as Shared-(FolderName):


Give another user “Read-only” access if you do not want them to be able to edit entries:


You can also set their status to “Hide Passwords” so that they cannot view passwords (see note at bottom of this page):


Adding Sites to a Shared Family Folder

In your Vault, drag and drop logins and Secure Notes to the Shared Family Folder. Anything you add to the folder will automatically sync to other users who have been given access to it:


All sites and notes in a Shared Family Folder can be edited or deleted by those who have administrative access to the folder. Updates are then kept in sync across all family members sharing the folder.

Important Note Regarding Hidden Passwords:

Savvy end users could potentially access the password if they capture it using advanced techniques during the login process, but LastPass will never be able to access this data because it has been encrypted using their public key. It is also possible to obtain shared passwords using another password manager. LastPass recommends that you use a generated password specific to the site that you’re sharing and not share any passwords that you’re uncomfortable with the recipient obtaining.

Watch the Tutorial on Sharing Family Folders: