Sharing allows you to share login data for a particular site with another person without exposing the password. The two most common uses for Sharing include:

  • Allowing a family member or friend access to a website
  • In a work situation where the company has a login to a 3rd party site

Important notes for Sharing:

  • The share needs to be pushed out and accepted using the Online Vault interface.
  • Changes to the shared site’s password must be made using the plugin.
  • If the sharer or sharee delete the shared site, the share will be revoked and will disappear from the sharee’s vault.
  • To automatically push updates and track changes for Premium users, the options MUST be selected when first sharing the site. These options cannot be selected after sharing the site.

Sharing a Site

To share a site, open the local ‘My LastPass Vault’ page or log into your LastPass account on Click on the ‘Share’ link next to the site you wish to share:

In the “Share Items” dialog box that pops up, enter the email of the person with whom you would like to share this site:

LastPass fills the body of your email with a default message indicating that you would like to share a site with them. You can edit this message by typing in the message field. You can also change the default setting from Share to Give, which will allow the person on the receiving end to view the password for the shared site.

Premium users can also select to ‘Automatically push changes to sharee,’ and to ‘track changes made by sharees.’    By automatically pushing changes to sharee, any changes the owner of the entry makes to the share will automatically be pushed to the recipient of the share.  If you select ‘Track changes made by sharees,’ the owner of the entry will be notified of any changes the recipient may make to the shared entry.  These options must be selected during the original share process; they cannot be changed later.

Click ‘Share’ when you are ready to send the shared site.

If the recipient already has a LastPass account, they will receive an email indicating they have received a Share. The next time they log in to their Local Vault, they will see the shared site listed under the (New Pending Share Offers) Group:


Clicking ‘Accept’ will launch the Accept Shares dialog, where you can send a response message and accept the Share. Clicking ‘Reject’ will cancel the Share, in which case LastPass will notify the sender that the recipient did not accept the Share.

You can also manage your Shares from your Online Vault under the ‘Shares’ tab:


If the user does not have a LastPass account, they will be given an opportunity to create an account so they can receive the shared site login data.

After accepting the Share, you can log into that site the same way you log into all of your other LastPass sites, but you will not be able to view the password (please see note at the bottom of this page).

Important Note Regarding Hidden Passwords:

Savvy end users could potentially access the password if they capture it using advanced techniques during the login process, but LastPass will never be able to access this data because it has been encrypted using their public key. It is also possible to obtain shared passwords using another password manager. LastPass recommends that you use a generated password specific to the site that you’re sharing and not share any passwords that you’re uncomfortable with the recipient obtaining.

Watch the Tutorial for Sharing a Site