Password Generator

Generating a Password

LastPass gives you tools to generate secure, non-guessable passwords, helping you to have the safest web experience possible. You can also use LastPass to replace old passwords with unique, randomly generated ones.

When LastPass detects that you are entering a password for a site that is not already stored in your LastPass Vault, or creating a new login on a new site, it will pop up the Generator to assist you in creating a strong password when clicking on the password field:



If it does not auto pop up, you can select the Generator manually by clicking on the gray field icon in the password field, and then clicking the Generate button from the submenu:


In this dialog, you can specify the password length and characters that make up your new, secure password. This password is random and non-guessable. The ‘Show Advanced Options’ allows you to customize your generated password:



When you Accept the generated password, LastPass also securely  saves it in your account in case you do not get a chance to add the new site. You can view the saved password in your Vault at any time:


If LastPass does not prompt you to generate a new password, you can access the feature by clicking on your LastPass Icon, and selecting ‘Generate Secure Password’ to launch the ‘Generate Secure Password’ dialog box.

Watch the Basic Tutorial for Generating a Password