A ‘Bookmarklet’ is a special type of ‘Favorite’ or ‘Bookmark’ that executes code on the page you’re viewing.

If you are in the situation where you can’t use a LastPass plugin, the LastPass Bookmarklets help you access your data easily and securely. You may want to use the Bookmarklets if you have a mobile browser, are traveling, or are  using a browser other than Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome.

LastPass has three Bookmarklets: LastPass Login, LastPass Autofill, and LastPass Fill Forms.

Installing Bookmarklets

To begin, login to and click on the Bookmarklets tab within menu dropdown on the upper-right.

You can then install the Bookmarklets using the links provided in the dialog box. Follow the instructions for your browser:

Opera: You must right-click the link and bookmark, then set to Show on Personal Bar which is in Details. You may also have to check View -> Toolbars -> Personal Bar, if it isn’t checked already.

Konqueror: Bookmarklets are supported via Minitools. First, you’ll need the konq-plugins package, if you don’t already have it installed. Next, right-click ‘LastPass Login!’ above, and select ‘Copy Link Address’. Then, go to Tools -> Minitools -> Edit Minitools. Click ‘New Bookmark’, and select the newly created bookmark. Type ‘LastPass Login!’ in the Name field, and paste the link you previously copied into the Location field (if http: is pre-populated in the Location field, remove it first). LastPass will now be available via Tools -> Minitools (you may have to restart Konqueror before you see it).

We don’t recommend Bookmarklets in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome, as the LastPass plugin is vastly superior. However, if you can’t install the add-on somewhere or you are traveling, you may want to use them:

Internet Explorer: Make sure Links or Favorites Bar is checked. You may also have to right-click the link and ‘Add to Favorites’, then put it under ‘Links’ or ‘Favorites Bar’.

Firefox: View -> Toolbars -> Bookmarks Toolbar to enable the toolbar.

Safari: You’ll need to click ‘View’, then show the Bookmarks Bar. For the iPhone, store this on your desktop browser and sync it to your iPhone. You may need to click on the device in iTunes, then go to the Info tab and ensure Sync bookmarks with is selected to the browser you saved the Bookmarklet on.

Chrome: Add the Bookmarklets either manually (directions below), or add them from the LastPass App > Menu > Preferences > Install Bookmarklets. Please see the video here on how to use them properly.

For mobile devices, the best option is typically to install the Bookmarklets on your desktop browser and then sync your bookmarks over.

Installing Bookmarklets in Safari on iOS Devices

Easily install Bookmarklets with the LastPass for Premium users App

1. Download our iOS App from the App Store
2. Go to Preferences > Advanced Settings > Safari Bookmarklet to receive instructions on how to do it directly out of the app.

Manually install Bookmarklets through iTunes

1. Open up your desktop browser (you can do this with Internet Explorer and Safari).
2. Make sure your Bookmarks toolbar is enabled by going to Tools > Toolbars and ensuring that “bookmarks toolbar” is
3. Type into your browser address bar.
4. Click on “Sign in” in the upper-right corner.
5. Type your email and Master Password, and press “sign in”.
6. Click on the menu at the top-right of the Vault page and select “Bookmarklets”.
7. Once the box appears, you’ll see three links: LastPass Login!, LastPass Fill!, LastPass Fill Forms!
8. Drag and drop LastPass Login! to the bookmarks toolbar. It should now appear on the bookmarks toolbar.
9. Repeat for the following two, Lastpass Fill! and LastPass Fill Forms!
10. Now that your bookmarks are in place, minimize the browser.

**If you have upgraded to Mac OS Mavericks, skip to step 18

11. Launch iTunes and connect your iOS device (must make sure that you are not syncing through iCloud).
12. Click on your device in the left-hand column.
13. Select the “Info” tab – the second over from the left.
14. Scroll down to the ‘Other’ section.
15. Click “Sync bookmarks with” and choose your browser.
16. Click “Apply”.
17. Allowing syncing to the device to complete.

**skip to step 21

18. Open iCloud in System Preferences
19. Make sure that ‘Bookmarks’ is checked
19. On your iOS device go to Settings > iCloud
20. Make sure that Safari is toggled to ‘On’


21. Launch Safari on your iOS device.
22. You will now see your three LastPass Bookmarklets appear when you click on the Bookmarks button.
23. Start surfing and using the Bookmarklets to autofill and login!

Using Bookmarklets

Using the Bookmarklet is easy: simply click on the Bookmarklet you want to use and the action will be done, or a menu will appear to help you. If you’re using the Bookmarklets on a computer that you don’t control (Internet cafe or friend’s computer), you’ll want to delete the Bookmarklets when you’re done. You should log off explicitly from the Bookmarklet if you do not want the computer to continue allowing logins.


The Bookmarklets have a few unique limitations that aren’t present in the Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome plugins: Frame and Iframe based pages where the frames are in different JavaScript domain boundaries may not allow the Bookmarklet to fill in your data. You may be able to find a different login page, or open the specific frame in a new window to allow your login.

On your mobile device, the page displayed is often different than the non-mobile version, causing LastPass Fill! to not immediately work. You can usually force the fill and save the new copy of this page in LastPass.

The Bookmarklets require cookies; if you are seeing that you’re logged in, you may need to enable 3rd party cookies to

For security reasons, LastPass Bookmarklets rely on your browser to send referrers, so this must be enabled in your browser’s settings (for most browsers, this is enabled by default).

If you change your LastPass Master Password, you will need to recreate your Bookmarklets.

Watch the Tutorial for Setting Up and Using Bookmarklets

Using LastPass Bookmarklets in Chrome Mobile (iOS and Android)