Account Settings

Your ‘Account Settings’, which are found only in your Online Vault, allow you to view and edit your global LastPass Settings and Preferences.

Launching Account Settings

There are two ways to launch your Account Settings:

  • Select your LastPass Icon, click Preferences, then Account Settings, and click the link to launch your Online Vault:


  • Log in to your Online Vault directly through the LastPass website, then click ‘Settings’ on the left-hand menu:


Account Settings Tabs

Once you have launched your Account Settings, you will be presented with a dialog box where you can view and edit your current settings in the following tabs:


General: Allows you to view your account login information as well as modify global settings such as language, time zone, and autologoff features.

Security: Specify the security level you would like for your account and enable such features as Grid and Master Password reprompt.

Equivalent Domains: Enter a list of domains that you want LastPass to consider as the same.

Never URLs: Add URLs for which you do not want LastPass to complete a certain action, such as form fill, autologin, add site, and more.

Yubikeys: Enable or disable your YubiKey multifactor authentication device.

Google Authenticator: Enable or disable Google Authenticator on your account.

Mobile Devices: Enable or disable access to your LastPass account on mobile devices.

Trusted Computers: Shows those computers that you have marked as trusted when using multifactor authentication.

URL Rules: By default, LastPass fills in the closest URL match for those domains where you have multiple logins. Creating a URL Rule for a specific domain ensures that you will only be prompted for exact host or path matches.