Grid Multifactor Authentication

At LastPass, we strongly encourage our users to take advantage of our multifactor authentication options. Multifactor authentication requires the user to present both username/password and information from another, often physical, item. This means that if a hacker gets your password, they […]

Multifactor Authentication Options

Multifactor authentication simply refers to a device that can be enabled for use with your LastPass account, and requires a second step before you can gain access to your account. Multifactor authentication devices help protect your account from keyloggers and other threats – even if your Master Password were captured, someone would be unable to […]

Windows 8

LastPass is officially ready for the new platform, with the LastPass Windows app now¬†available in the Windows Store! The LastPass app provides access to all of your stored data and the core functionality of the password manager, but some features are more limited […]

Trusted Computers

The ‘Trusted Computers’ tab shows those computers which you have marked as trusted and therefore do not require multifactor authentication. To view your Trusted Computer settings, launch your Account Settings and click ‘Trusted Computers’: When logging onto a computer for the first time using multifactor authentication, such as Grid or Yubikey, LastPass will give you […]


The ‘Security’ tab in your Account Settings controls your global LastPass security settings: You will need to enter your Master Password to confirm any updates made to your Security preferences. LastPass is set to ‘Normal’ security level by default, but you can click on the ‘Medium High’ or “High’ options to increase your […]

Account Settings

Your ‘Account Settings’, which are found only in your Online Vault, allow you to view and edit your global LastPass Settings and Preferences. Launching Account Settings There are two ways to launch your Account Settings: Select your LastPass Icon, click Preferences, then Account Settings, and click the link to launch your […]

One Time Passwords

If you are using an untrusted public computer and need to access your LastPass data but are hesitant to do so because of potential keyloggers, LastPass provides One Time Passwords (OTPs) as one option for securely accessing your account. While using a trusted computer, go to to create a list of random passwords that […]

Security Options

LastPass provides a safer online experience that helps protect your identity by allowing you to create unique, complex passwords for all of your sites, in addition to securely storing this information using local encryption. You then only have to remember a single strong password, your LastPass Master […]