Account History


The ‘History’ feature allows you to view all logins and events for your LastPass account, and the IP addresses associated with them. History is particularly useful if you’re concerned about unauthorized access to your LastPass account.

Accessing Account History from your Online Vault


To access History, you can go to your LastPass Icon > My LastPass Vault > in the left menu, click Tools > View History:


After selecting History, a dialog box opens, displaying your account’s login history:

Account History

You can then select a date range to filter your results – by default the current day’s logins are displayed. The records show the date the login was used, the name of the domain, an associated Group name, the IP address from which the LastPass login was used, and the DNS. Selecting ‘Events’ for the view option allows you to view records of Form Fills, disabling and enabling of multifactor authentication, changes to usernames or passwords in stored entries, and other actions.

Note that LastPass only records logins and events completed from within your account. If a site stored in LastPass is accessed without using LastPass to autofill or autologin, LastPass will not record the event in History.

To remove the records in History, select ‘Clear History’.


Disabling History

To disable the History feature, go to your Account Settings dialog (accessed via the LastPass Icon > Preferences > Account Settings or by clicking on ‘Settings’ in the left-hand actions menu in the Online Vault) and uncheck  the default option ‘Keep track of login and form fill history’.