A ‘Virtual Keyboard’ allows you to help avoid your keystrokes being captured by keyloggers, since keyloggers can’t capture mouse clicks. If you are using a public or insecure computer, the Virtual Keyboard feature allows you to enter your email and Master Password without a single keystroke.

The Virtual Keyboard can only be accessed via the LastPass website, which you can navigate to directly at https://lastpass.com or by launching after being prompted to login via the LastPass plugin.

If you navigate to the site, click on the link in the upper-right hand corner to Sign In:


Next, select ‘Show Keyboard’ among the options below the email and password fields.

A keyboard will be shown on the screen that you can use to type in your email address and Master Password using your mouse:


If you want to use a non-English character set, you can modify the keyboard by selecting other options in the ‘Standard’ and ‘US’ dropdown menus.

You can also launch the Virtual Keyboard when logging in using the LastPass browser plugin: