Windows Phone

LastPass for Windows Phone is an application that will allow you to carry your LastPass data around with you and easily login to websites from your Windows Phone (7.5+).

LastPass for Windows Phone includes a built-in browser that will automatically fill your login information for each of your stored LastPass sites while giving you access to most major features.

The application allows you to download all of your LastPass information from the server and store it in a secure, encrypted data-store that is saved to your Windows Phone. As always, this data can only be unlocked using your email address and Master Password.

As with all smartphone apps, LastPass for Windows Phone is part of our Premium offering.

Installing LastPass for Windows Phone

To install LastPass for Windows Phone, open the Windows Store on your device and search for LastPass.

Logging into LastPass

LastPass for Windows Phone decrypts your data and displays all of your Secure Notes and Sites in a searchable interface. It also allows you to add, update, and delete Secure Notes and Sites and launch a browser to easily login to your sites.

After installing the LastPass browser application on your Windows Phone, you can launch the application by tapping on the icon. LastPass will then prompt you to enter your LastPass email and Master Password:


Windows Phone Login


Once you submit your login credentials, LastPass will launch your searchable Vault:

The LastPass Vault


Windows Phone Site Menu

From the Vault page, you will have access to major LastPass features and options.  The first thing you will see is your Sites tab and a list of all Sites that you have in your LastPass account.  Tapping on any of these Sites will bring up your Site action menu:

Windows Phone Site Menu

This menu allows you to Launch your Site in the LastPass browser, Edit the Site,  or Copy the Username or Password from the entry to the Windows Phone clipboard.  Launching your site from the Vault will AutoFill your login credentials for that particular Site. Look below for more information on web browsing using the LastPass Window Phone app.

The next option in your Vault is the Favorites tab:

Favorites Tab

Windows Phone Favorites

This tab looks the same as your Sites tab, except only the sites and secure notes displayed are specifically designated as Favorites.  Tapping on an entry will bring up the same options as the tap menu in the Sites Tab.  You can designate a Favorite by editing the individual Site or Secure Note.

Add New


Windows Phone Menu

While in your Vault, tapping on  three-dot menu will open a new a LastPass menu which includes add secure note, add site, refresh sites, browser, indentities, settings, and about.

Clicking the Add Site option or clicking the Add icon allows you to easily add new Site entries to your Windows Phone.  Below is the creation dialog for a new Site:

Windows Phone Add Site 1 of 2

Windows Phone Add Site 2 of 2




The Add New Secure Note dialog can be seen below:

Windows Phone Secure Note 1 of 2

Windows Phone Secure Note 2 of 2


There are a number of Secure Note formats.  On the main Add Secure Note Page, you can scroll and choose which Secure Note format you’d like.  Below is the Add Secure Note page for a Credit Card:

Windows Phone CC Note 1 of 2 Windows Phone CC Note 2 of 2

The Notes tab is a listing of all the Secure Notes that you have stored in LastPass:

Windows Phone Secure Notes

Tapping on a Note here will allow you to view the Note.  You can also select Edit and make changes to existing Notes from here as well.



The Settings tab gives you access to a number of LastPass options:

Windows Phone Settings


To access setting, tap on the three-dot menu from the Vault.


  1. Password Reprompt on Activate: Enables LastPass to prompt for your Master Password every time that you enter the app
  2. Reprompt Bkgrnd Mins:  Allows you to set a time limit so you are not prompted for your Pin Code for “X” minutes
  3. Logoff Bkgrnd Mins: Setting a time limit for this feature will ensure that your LastPass app logs off after X minutes of LastPass being logged in, but in the background of your device.  This is another good security feature to use when concerned about the loss or theft of a mobile device
  4. Set Pin Code:  Allows you to set a four digit pin code to be prompted for upon re-entry to the app after an initial login using your Master Password


Using the LastPass Browser on Windows Phone

While you can use the LastPass app solely as a repository for your passwords, for the best experience we recommend that you use the built-in browser to view and AutoFill your site logins.  To get to the LastPass browser, you can launch a site from your LastPass Vault or you can launch the browser from three-dot menu from withing your Vault.

Windows Phone LP Browser

 You can use the key symbol in the circle to select a site login and have it autofill.  Hitting the icon which looks like a person in a circle allows you to choose a form fill profile to fill for a webform and clicking on the icon with arrows in a circle allows you to toggle to full screen mode.

When you launch a site from the LastPass Vault on your Windows Phone, it will automatically fill in your login credentials.  If you choose to manually navigate to a site using the browser, you can still AutoFill by selecting the LastPass key icon at the bottom of the app.  You will then be presented with all of your existing entries for the current site you are on:

Windows Phone Existing Entries


After tapping on an entry, it will AutoFill into the login fields.  Tapping on the Form Fill icon (person in circle), will offer the same option with your Form Fill Profiles.