LastPass Wallet

LastPass Wallet is a free mobile app now available for iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad). Wallet makes it easy to store your physical wallet on your smartphone, so you can securely backup and sync your most valuable personal information:

Wallet is built around LastPass’ ‘Secure Notes‘ feature, with templates for credit cards, passports, driver’s licenses, membership cards, bank accounts, and more. In addition to the data filled out for the note, audio clips, photos, and large blocks of text can also be stored in a Note. Any card, piece of paper, or form of data that someone would keep on their person can be stored in Wallet, where it is encrypted and automatically backed-up to the cloud with LastPass. Not only does Wallet provide a secure archive of your most valuable personal information, it will also help significantly with the process of replacing a lost physical wallet.

Getting Started

Existing LastPass users can simply install the app from the App Store on their iOS device and login with their usual account information. Any existing Secure Notes will automatically sync to Wallet, where they can be viewed, edited, and synced back to other locations.

New LastPass users can create an account via the app, then start creating Notes.  If new users choose to explore LastPass features with the desktop browser add-on, they can login with their newly-created account, and any data added via Wallet will be available in other locations where they access the account.

Wallet Features

Once a user has created their account or logged in with an existing account, they can start ‘digitizing’ their physical wallet and take advantage of the features offered by LastPass Wallet:

Add Notes

After logging in to Wallet, a user can tap the “Add New” tab to choose a Note template:

After choosing a Note type, enter the data for the Note and tap the “Save” button when done. Notes can be created for credit cards, PINs, travel documents, insurance cards, email accounts, memberships, bank accounts, and more:


Create categories for easily locating Notes:


Mark frequently used Notes for quick reference in the ‘Favorites’ tab. In the ‘Edit’ menu for a Note, tap the heart icon to mark the Note as a Favorite.

Audio clips

When adding or editing a Note, tap the mic icon to add voice recordings or other sound clips. The clip will then be stored as an attachment in the Note.

Photo storage

When adding or editing a Note, tap the photo icon to upload or capture images. The image can then be stored in the Note as an attachment and securely backed up to the LastPass account.


Security features are available in the Wallet ‘Settings’ menu to restrict access to the app and keep your data as secure as possible. By tapping on the Settings tab, a user can choose to enable a number of security options and app settings:


  1. Logoff:  Logs you out of your current account and takes you back to the app login screen.
  2. Refresh: Refreshes the connection with the server, so you can immediately sync any new data from LastPass Wallet to the server, and vice versa.
  3. Clear Cache: Clears the locally stored cache; this includes data stored locally that makes Offline Access possible.  This data is stored again upon your next successful online login.
  4. About:  Tells you the version number and build date of the current app.


  1. Logout on Close: When enabled, this option will log you out of your account when the app is closed.  Please note, closing the app means completely ‘killing’ the app or turning off your iPhone.
  2. Logoff on Idle: Setting a time limit for this option will log you out of your account when the app has been idle for ‘X’ minutes.  In the screenshot above, the iPhone is set to Never logoff when idle.  Setting some time limit for this, even if extremely high, is a good security measure in the case your phone is lost or stolen.
  3. Use Pin Code: Allows you to set a four digit Pin Code to be asked for upon re-entry to the app after an initial login using your Master Password.  We highly recommend you use this if you leave yourself logged into LastPass Tab when leaving the app to multi-task.
  4. Require pin after returning from background: Allows you to set a timer so you are only reprompted for your Pin Code after ‘X’ minutes.  In the screenshot above, the app is set to ask for the Pin Code after each time you leave the app and return to it from the background.


Secure cloud sync

As always with LastPass apps and addons, all sensitive user data is encrypted and decrypted locally before being synced to LastPass for safe, easy access everywhere. A tab in the LastPass Wallet app reminds new users that they can install LastPass on their personal computer for free and login with the same account to start saving logins, generating new passwords, and more. Any data stored in LastPass Wallet will be securely synced to LastPass and made available on all browsers, computers, and mobile devices where the LastPass account is used.


The LastPass Wallet app is available for free from the App Store on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad or at

Currently, Wallet users can utilize 50MBs of data storage space for free. We anticipate offering 1GB of space for Premium-level users. Premium users will continue to have the added functionality of viewing, editing, and logging in to stored sites via the LastPass mobile apps. Data allowance for Wallet users may change in the future if needed.