LastPass is both an online service and an extension that runs locally in your browser to provide service, even if online access to LastPass is unavailable. You’ll want to set up your local preferences in each browser you use with LastPass according to the level of security you feel is necessary for that location (e.g. you may want to have a longer idle timeout at home than work).

You are strongly encouraged to review your LastPass settings after creating your account. We recognize that different users have different requirements, so although the default values are chosen as a compromise between ease of use and security, we have made it as easy as possible for users to change their security options and other settings.

LastPass does not synchronize these settings because you may want to have different security profiles or notification preferences at different places (e.g. home versus work), so be sure to specify your settings for every browser you use with the LastPass plugin. You will also need to make these changes for every user who will be using LastPass (log in as each individual user to adjust the settings).

Preference options within the Control Panel tabs will vary from browser to browser; not all of the below-listed settings may be offered as options in your current browser(s).