To access the General settings tab, go to your LastPass Icon and launch Preferences:


The Control Panel dialog will open to automatically show your General settings (options will vary based on browser):


General preference options will vary from browser to browser; not all of the below-listed preferences may be offered as options in your current browser(s).


Automatically Logoff when all browsers are closed: Specify when LastPass should log out of your session upon closing the browser. This setting is disabled by default. If you would like LastPass to log off immediately after each session, check the box and put the value ‘0’ for minutes; when you relaunch the browser, you will be asked to enter your Master Password. If you would like to extend the time between ending your browser session and logging out of LastPass, enter another value in the minutes field. If the specific amount of time passes before you re-open the browser, you will be prompted for your Master Password. If you wish for LastPass to stay logged in upon browser close, leave the box unchecked.

Automatically Logoff after idle: If you frequently minimize your browser or walk away from your computer, you may want LastPass to log off after being idle for a specific amount of time. На пример, if more than one person shares a home computer, you may want LastPass to timeout after 10 minutes of inactivity (no keyboard or mouse movements) so that someone else sitting down to the computer will not have access to your Vault and account information. After the specified amount of time, the icon will turn gray, indicated that you are logged off. Click the icon to log in again. Leave this setting unchecked if you wish for LastPass to stay logged in between browser sessions. This setting is unchecked by default.


Open New Pages in: This dropdown menu allows you to choose whether you want LastPass to open pages in new tabs, new windows, or within the tab you are using. На пример, if you click on your LastPass Icon, click on Sites, and select a site, LastPass will launch the URL according to your specifications and proceed to autolog you in to the site. По дефаулту, LastPass will open new pages in tabs.

Highlight Input boxes: Enable field highlighting, so that when you navigate to a site that is stored in LastPass, the fields become outlined in red and populated with the LastPass logo when your credentials are autofilled. LastPass enables this setting by default.

Automatically Fill Login Information: This default setting instructs LastPass to autopopulate any stored login fields (such as username and password) when you navigate to a stored URL.


Use Compact Toolbar: Compresses the LastPass toolbar into the small Icon on your browser menu. In Internet Explorer, you can switch between toolbar modes: Compact Toolbar, Command Bar, Full Toolbar.

Show Sites in Folders: Turn the Folder feature on or off with this setting. If you organize your stored sites into Folders, we recommend leaving this default setting enabled.

Show Sites in Sidebar: This setting is unchecked by default and is only available in Firefox. Rather than view your sites in the ‘Sites’ submenu after clicking on your Icon, enabling ‘Show Sites in Sidebar’ allows you to click on ‘Sites’ from your Icon menu and launch a sidebar listing out your LastPass sites:

Hide Context Menu Options: Disables the right-click LastPass menu options. This setting is disabled by default.

Form Fill

Default Form Fill Profile: To specify your default form fill profile, select a saved profile from the dropdown menu. No profile is selected by default, and is meant to be used in conjunction with the form fill hotkey.

Do not overwrite fields that are already filled: If you wish to manually enter data in a particular web form field, and do not want LastPass to overwrite the field with stored information, enable this setting (disabled by default).