Your LastPass Icon

Once you have installed LastPass, an icon will appear in a corner of your browser menu. The LastPass icon makes your web browsing experience faster and easier by giving you immediate access to all major features of LastPass.

After logging in to the LastPass browser extension, clicking on the icon will drop down a toolbar menu where you can use the following features:


My LastPass Vault

Launches your local LastPass Vault, where you can view, edit, group, delete or share your sites in addition to accessing your Form Fill Profiles, Secure Notes, and more.


The ‘Sites’ menu allows you to view all of your sites stored in LastPass according to their Groups.

Fill Forms

From the Fill Forms menu, you can either access a saved profile to fill out a web form or you can add a new Form Fill Profile:

Read our extended discussion of the Form Fill function to learn how to best use this feature.

Generate Secure Password

Here you can manually generate a secure password. Read more about this feature here.


Secure Notes

Access your stored data by clicking on a specific note  in the ‘Secure Notes‘ submenu, which launches a View/Edit dialog box:

You can also ‘Add a Secure Note’ using the option at the bottom of the Secure Note menu.

Show Matching Sites

Click here to view a list of all matching logins saved in your LastPass Vault that match the current page (URL ) that you are on. Clicking on the login will show the submenu options to Autofill, Edit, Copy, and Delete.

Recently Used

View the ten most recent sites that you visited (or edited) while using LastPass.  If you would like to change the number of sites that you view in the Recently Used list, go to your Icon, launch Preferences, select the Advanced tab from the left-hand menu, and adjust the Recently Used list size.

Clicking on a site in the Recently Used submenu will cause it to open in a new tab or window, where LastPass will autolog you in.

Right-clicking on a site in the Recently Used submenu presents you with another submenu, where you can choose to Edit, Copy Username, Copy Password, Go to URL, or Delete the entry:

Selecting ‘Clear Recent’ at the bottom clears all entries in the Recently Used submenu.


From the Tools menu, you can run a Security Check, switch Identities, Import or Export your data, and more.


Clicking on ‘Preferences’ will launch the LastPass Control Panel dialog box, where you can view or edit your local security settingsnotification preferenceshotkeys, and more.


Click ‘Help’ to launch the LastPass User Guide and find the answers to your questions about LastPass features.

Enterprise Admin Console

If you use LastPass Enterprise and are an Administrator in your system, you can access the Administrator Console via this icon.


Selecting ‘Logoff’ will end your LastPass session and will automatically log you out of any open Vault pages, as well as log off of the LastPass plugin on other browsers that share their login state.