Right-Click Context Menu

In addition to accessing LastPass features from your browser plugin, you can also select some of the more common functions from the right-click context menu.

From the right-click context menu, you can log in to LastPass, generate a password, copy username and/or password, autofill login data, and autofill forms.

Right-Click Menu Options

When you are on a site (and logged into LastPass), you can right-click on the page to trigger the context menu:


Clicking ‘LastPass’ launches a submenu:



From the submenu, you can Generate a Secure Password, Recheck Page, Copy Username or Copy Password for matching sites, or Autofill login information for matching sites.

If you are trying to fill out a web form on a site, you can use the right-click menu > LastPass Fill Forms option to choose a form fill profile and autofill the web form on the page: