Login Problems and Save All Entered Data

If LastPass is experiencing a problem logging into a particular site*,  please try the following:

*Flash and Silverlight based logins are not supported by LastPass

1) Open the ‘My LastPass Vault’ page from the Icon toolbar to view all of your sites:saed_1


2) Find the site and click on the ‘Edit’ link to launch the ‘Edit Site’ dialog box:editsite_3

3) Verify that the username and password fields are filled and correct. If this site was imported from your browser, there is a chance that the credentials were outdated or incorrect. If you update the login information, try to login again via LastPass to see if your problem has been fixed.

4) Manually copy/paste the username and password into the login form on the site and verify that you can login using these credentials. If this does not work, then incorrect information was likely stored in LastPass.

5) Advanced users may want to try the Edit Form Fields link in the Edit Site dialog at this stage. Average users might want to delete the account and resave using the ‘Save All Entered Data’ method (before you submit the login form).  You can read more about Editing Form Fields at our Editing Page.


Save All Entered Data

If LastPass is still experiencing a problem logging into a particular site, or there is a site with a multiple page login (username and password are on 2 different pages),  please us the Save All Entered Data function (SAED).

In Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Opera

  1. Load the page that you want to save
  2. Enter your credentials, but do not submit
  3. Click on your LastPass browser extension icon
  4. Click on Tools (see image)
  5. Click on Save All Entered Data
  6. Then hit save to save the new entry to your vault.



Watch a Tutorial on How To Save All Entered Data For a Site:

If you still experience problems with the ‘Save All Entered Data’ approach, please fill out a feedback form to inform LastPass Support of the problem.