Grouping Sites

LastPass allows you to organize your sites in your Vault according to Groups. For example, you may want to organize your sites with names like ‘Email’ or ‘Financial”:



When you open your Vault, your Groups may be partially or fully collapsed. Select the Expand All folder (red outline) or the Collapse All folder (blue outline)  to simultaneously expand or collapse all of your folders within your Vault to view all sites:

collapsed groups

If you only wish to view one folder, simply click on the folder name to expand it:

select folder


If you would like LastPass to open all of your sites within a particular Group and autolog you in to all of them simultaneously, right click over the Group name and select ‘Open All’:

open all

LastPass will then open each site stored in the folder in a new window or tab and autolog you in.

Adding a Group/Folder

When creating a new group (folder), you can click ‘Create Group’ from the Actions menu, enter in the name of the group and click ‘OK’:

add group


Editing A Group

There are several ways you can edit your Groups.

To move a single site entry to another Group from your Local Vault, you can right-click on the site, select ‘Move to Group’, and type in the Group name (Please note that you will need to be signed into your Vault from your LastPass browser icon, not :

move to group

You can also click ‘Edit’ in the right-click menu for a site, where you will see a dropdown menu for selecting a Group:

group edit

Your Favorites Group

You can check those sites that you use most often as ‘Favorites‘ from the bottom of the entry:


This will add the entry to the Favorites Group at the top of your Vault:



There are two ways to create Sub-Groups for your sites.

First, when adding or editing a site, type the name of the Parent Group followed by a backslash and then the name of the Sub-Group that you would like to create underneath it :


You can also create a Sub-Group from within your Local Vault by right-clicking on a Group folder name and selecting ‘Create Sub-Group’: