Adding a Site

Adding new sites to your LastPass account is both easy and secure. Since all sensitive data is encrypted locally on your computer with a key that only you know before it is sent to LastPass, you can store your most sensitive data with the knowledge that it is completely safe.

Automatically Saving A Site

The easiest and best way to add new sites to LastPass is to simply go to the site and login as you normally would. LastPass will present you with the following pop-up:addsite_1


When you press the Save Password to Vault button, the pop-up will expand:



In this dialog, you can specify a friendly name for the account (we pre-populate with the domain name). You can also type or select a Group for this account. By assigning Groups to each of your sites, it will allow you to organize your accounts by categories. Some examples of Groups are Financial, Shopping, Social Networks, etc.

After pressing ‘Save Site’, LastPass will automatically enter the site data into your LastPass Vault and you can carry on using the website. With your encrypted data stored, LastPass will automatically fill in this information the next time you visit the site.

If you would like to view the new entry, simply go to your LastPass Icon, launch ‘My LastPass Vault’, and search among your stored sites to find the entry or click on the LastPass field icon and click on the wrench and click ‘Edit’:


When viewing this entry, you can specify whether you would like LastPass to make the site a Favorite, ‘Require Password Reprompt’, and/or ‘Autologin.’


Please note that ‘Autologin’ can be dangerous, and may submit a form in the site you do not intend it to submit.   We do not recommend setting this option on any sites you do important business with or sites you will be submitting information to beyond the login information.

If you are logging into a site in which you have an existing account stored with LastPass, but are now using a different password, you will also see an option to replace the existing site with the new login information.

Watch the Tutorial for Adding a Site

Manually Saving a Site with Save All Entered Data

An alternate way to save a site is to use the ‘Save All Entered Data’ option in the toolbar after you have filled in the form but before you have submitted it:

After clicking ‘Save All Entered Data’, LastPass will launch an ‘Edit Site’ dialog box where you can view all of the captured fields and specify your desired settings for the site:addsite_5


If you find that LastPass does not automatically detect the login on a particular site, this method may be used instead.

Watch a Tutorial on How To Save All Entered Data For a Site:


Basic Authentication Sites

LastPass supports saving and filling basic authentication logins in most cases:

Internet Explorer: filling and saving

Firefox: filling and saving (on all platforms)

Chrome: filling and saving on Windows (with binary), filling on Mac (with binary), no saving or filling on Linux

On other platforms and non-binary, we can intercept the dialog as long as the site is launched from LastPass.

Basic authentication logins are not supported on Safari, Opera, and Maxthon.