LastPass Portable

For users of Windows, Mac, and Linux (Firefox Portable-only), a version of LastPass that is compatible with FireFox Portable (Firefox 2.0+) and Chrome Portable (Chrome 4+, Windows and Linux only) can be installed on your USB thumb drive. If you frequently use public or untrusted computers, the Portable option is an ideal way to securely access your LastPass Vault.

Downloading Portable Apps

To download the Firefox Portable or Chrome Portable browser(s), simply visit the site and download the application(s) for free.

After clicking the ‘Download’ button from the application’s page, you can save the file onto your computer and run the installer. Store the file somewhere memorable on your computer, such as your Desktop.

Downloading LastPass Portable

Now that the portable application has been successfully downloaded and installed, open the file and run the browser.

For Windows, you can use our Firefox version or Chrome version

For Mac, we also provide a Firefox option

Or, you can navigate to the LastPass Windows download page, select the OS tab you’ll be using (Windows, Mac, or Linux) where you can scroll to the corresponding LastPass Portable app:

Click the ‘Download’ button and follow the prompts to install the plugin on the portable browser. After restarting the portable browser, the LastPass Icon should now appear in the toolbar menu, as in any other desktop browser:

With the LastPass plugin installed, you can now drag and drop the portable browser file onto your USB thumb drive. After the transfer is complete, you can eject the USB thumb drive and take LastPass on the go! When you launch the portable browser on another computer, you can click to log in to your plugin as usual, where you will be able to use all regular features of the LastPass plugin with complete access to all of your securely synced data.