Using LastPass on Windows Phone 7

**A newer version of LastPass on Windows Phone is available here: Windows Phone**

Once installed, the app allows you to view your Vault and search for your saved sites:

The Search bar at the top allows you to type in and press ‘search’ to bring up a specific site.

A small menu appears at the bottom of the screen, showing two icons and an ellipsis (three dots). Tapping the icon on the right allows you to select ‘launch mode’ (the little lightning bolt), in which tapping a site launches it in the embedded browser, or ‘details mode’ (the little notepad), in which tapping a site allows you to view the data saved in the site entry. Whichever is displaying indicates the mode you are currently in.

Tapping the ellipsis pulls up the menu to reveal the ‘logoff’ and ‘about’ options.

Tapping the ‘browser’ IE icon launches the embedded browser, allowing you to navigate to your sites and autofill. Another menu appears at the bottom with two icons – a key, for ‘autofill’, and a person, for ‘fill forms’. Tapping on ‘autofill’ presents a list of all entries stored for the domain you are currently viewing. Tapping on ‘fill forms’ displays a list of your stored form fill profiles. Tapping a second time on the icon will close the pop-up list:

There are some known limitations with the app; autofill will only work on sites that use JavaScript, an issue which we hope Microsoft will address. The app is also currently read-only, which means you can’t add or change site data, although we will adjust this for future releases.