LastPass for Microsoft Surface is an application that will allow you to carry your LastPass data around with you and easily login to websites from your Surface devices.

LastPass for Microsoft Surface includes a built-in browser that will automatically fill your login information for each of your stored LastPass sites while giving you access to most major features.

The Windows application allows you to download all of your LastPass information from the server and store it in a secure, encrypted data-store that is saved to your Surface device. As always, this data can only be unlocked using your email address and Master Password.

As with all Surface apps, LastPass for Surface is part of our Premium offering.

Installing LastPass for Surface

To install LastPass for Surface, open the App Store on your device and search for LastPass.

Skógarhögg í LastPass

LastPass for Surface decrypts your data and displays all of your Sites and Secure Notes in a searchable interface. It also allows you to add, update, and delete Secure Notes and Sites and launch a browser to easily login to your sites.

After installing the LastPass application on your Surface device, you can launch the application by tapping on the LastPass tile. LastPass will then prompt you to enter your LastPass email and Master Password:

Surface Login


Once you submit your login credentials, LastPass will launch your Searchable Vault:

The LastPass Vault

Surface Vault

From the Vault page, you will have access to all major LastPass features and options. On the left side of your Vault will be selections for your sites. secure notes, form fills and a search tool. Tapping on any of the sites from the Vault or swiping up from the bottom of the Surface device will bring up your action menu:

Surface Site Action Menu

This menu allows you to Launch your Site in the LastPass browser, Bæta a Site, Bæta a Note, Add a Form Fill Profile, View and/or Edit Site entry and credentials, Copy the Username or Password from the entry to the Surface clipboard, or Logoff. Launching a site from the Vault will AutoFill your login credentials for that particular Site. To Launch a site, tap on the site to highlight the Site and tap the Browser from Site action menu.

Favorites Tab

Surface Site Action Menu

Sites and secure notes that are specifically designated as favorites are categorized under the Favorites header in the Vault. Tapping on an entry will bring up the same options as the tap menu in the Sites Tab. You can designate a Favorite by editing the individual Site or Secure Note.


Add New Site, Add New Form Fill, Add New Secure Note

The Add New options from the Action Menu allows you to easily add new Site entries, Fill Form Profiles, og Örugg Notes via your LastPass Surface App. Below is the creation dialog for a new Site:

Surface Add Site

The Add New Fill Form dialog can be seen below:

Surface Add Form Fill

Finally, you can also add new Örugg Notes. There are a number of Secure Note formats. On the main Add New page, you can scroll and choose which Secure Note format you’d like. Below is the Add Secure Note page for a Credit Card:

Surface Add Secure Note CC


Tapping on the Search tool from your Vault will bring up a search bar for scanning the Vault for specific sites or notes. Below is the search page:

Surface Search

Additional Vault Menu Actions:

  1. View: Allows the user to choose between All items in Vault, Sites only, Secure Notes only, or Form Fills only.
  2. Help: Gives user quick way to access LastPass user manual.
  3. Logoff: Logs the current user out of the LastPass surface app.

Generate Password

When adding, editing, or browsing a site from within the LastPass Surface App or adding and editing a Secure Note, users will have the option to generate passwords on the Surface with a Password Generator. Below is a login page where the Password Generator is available:
Surface Password Generator

Using the LastPass Browser on Surface device

While you can use the LastPass app solely as a repository for your passwords, for the best experience we recommend that you use the built-in browser to view and AutoFill your site logins. To get to the LastPass browser, you can launch a site from your LastPass Vault or you can launch the browser from the browser icon located in the menu bar at the bottom of your Vault.