Why Use LastPass?

Wondering what the benefits are of using LastPass’ Password Manager?

Easy Setup

Download LastPass, create your account, then import your passwords, usernames, and form fill profiles. Setup only takes five minutes and you’ll be able to start autologging into your favorite sites.

It’s free!

LastPass is dedicated to changing the ease of use and security for Internet users everywhere. That’s why we rely on a freemium business model – all basic features of the LastPass application are free, while advanced features like support for mobile devices are part of LastPass Premium for $1/month. We’re committed to staying free, whether or not you purchase our Premium service.

Save Time

With LastPass, you can seamlessly log in to your favorite sites using autofill and one-click login. You can also create profiles that allow you to automatically fill your personal information on web forms accurately and safely.

Stop Forgetting

With LastPass, you create one Master Password, eliminating the need to ever remember another username or password. LastPass makes it easier to have unique login data for each of your online accounts without the hassle of remembering them or recovering them when you forget.

Stay Safe

LastPass secures your data by encrypting it locally on your personal computer or mobile device. Only your LastPass Master Password can unlock your data and only you have it. You can also use LastPass to generate and automatically store a unique, secure password for new sites.

Work Anywhere

Your data is securely synchronized across all of your browsers and devices, giving you access to your information anytime from anywhere. And you can always securely view your data from the LastPass website: https://lastpass.com.

Go Mobile

Our apps for mobile devices allow you to easily log in to your saved sites via your smartphone. Currently a part of our Premium service for $1/month, our mobile apps let you manage access to your digital life while you’re on the go.