If you stored login details that you created before you began using LastPass, we recommend that you run the LastPass Security Challenge to identify potentially weak passwords. Once identified, you may want to change your old password to one randomly generated by LastPass.

You may also like to periodically update your passwords; LastPass tries to make this process as simple as possible for sites that you have stored in your Vault.

Replacing Your Old Password

We’ll use a demo Gmail account to show how to update a stored site with a new, generated password from LastPass.

To begin, log in to the target site and access the account settings or preferences page where you can change your password.

When you launch the change password page, you will usually be asked to enter your old password, with a new password entered twice.  Click on the field icon in the current password field, and select the login. LastPass will fill in the current password for the login you selected:

pwchg2After autofilling the current password, you can then click the ‘Generate’ field icon in the ‘New Password’ field to begin to create a random, unique password:

pwchg3Select the options you wish, and if you accept the password that has been generated, click Use Password to autofill both the ‘New password’ and ‘Confirm new password’ fields. This will also create a backup copy of the generated password in your Vault called ‘Generated password for…’. You will then be asked to confirm if this is a password change or a new entry. Choose Yes, Use for this Site to overwrite your existing password with the new one. Choose No, Save as New Entry to save this as a new entry in your Vault and not continue with the password change.

Now click ‘Save’ to submit the changes to the website. After clicking Save, LastPass will prompt you to either Confirm or Save New Site:

By clicking on Confirm, you will tell LastPass to swap the old password for the entry with the new, generated password. Save New Site creates an entirely new entry for the site with your previous username and new, generated password.

The next time you log in to your site, LastPass will autofill with the new, generated password!

If LastPass does not recognize the change in password when you submit it, do the following:

  • Sign out of the site
  • Go to the login page for the site
  • Use LastPass to enter your username
  • Copy/paste the password from the ‘Generated Password’ entry that was stored when you accepted the new password
  • Click login

You will then be prompted by LastPass to accept the changes to the site’s entry, and now the new password will be stored with the entry in your Vault.


Generating Secure Passwords Screencast