Auto-Password Change will change a site’s password with a single-click.  This feature currently supports 75 of the most popular websites. You can see the full list of supported websites below.

Welcome to the Public Beta

Auto-Password Change is currently available for Chrome and Safari in Beta. It only works with supported sites and is not available for shared sites.  To try this feature, make sure you are using the latest version of LastPass (3.1.7+).  Remember this is a beta feature, so be careful! If you experience any problems or find bugs, please check our FAQs to see if it has been addressed or is being worked on already. If not, let us know by submitting a support ticket.

Is Auto-Password Change Secure?

We implemented Auto-Password Change with security as its top priority. Though LastPass is changing the password for you, the changes happen locally on your machine. Just like all other data on your account, the changed password is encrypted locally before syncing, never allowing LastPass to access your data.

Automatically Changing Passwords

To automatically change a password with Auto-Password Change, go the LastPass Vault and find a supported site. Click the edit icon edit to edit the site. In the Edit dialog, click the ‘Change Password Automatically’ button as seen below.

screenshotBy clicking this button, LastPass will begin to automatically log you into the site in the background (in another tab) and change your password. Make sure to NOT close out of this tab. As the Auto-Password Change changes your password, you will see a progress bar.


Once completed, you will receive a notice that the password has been successfully changed on the both the site and in LastPass!


Supported Sites