Your Notifications settings can be found by clicking on the LastPass Icon, selecting Preferences, and clicking the ‘Notifications’ tab on the left-hand menu:


The Notifications options control when LastPass prompts you to take action as you browse to a stored URL, log in to a new site, or fill a web form. By selecting or unselecting certain notification options, you can change how often you are prompted with the dropdown toolbar. By default, all notification settings are checked to allow you maximum access to all LastPass features.

Notifications options will vary from browser to browser; not all of the below-listed notifications may be offered as options in your current browser(s).

Show Notifications: Globally enables the notification bar. We do not recommend shutting off the notification bar unless you want to manually complete all actions via your LastPass Icon. LastPass enables this option by default.

Offer to Generate Secure Passwords: When LastPass recognizes that you are registering for a new account that requires a password, this notification prompts you to use the Generate a Secure Password feature. LastPass enables this option by default.

Show Form Fill Notifications: LastPass automatically detects web forms, such as billing information, when checking out at an online shopping site. Enabling this notification ensures that LastPass will prompt you to fill the detected web form with one of your saved Form Fill profiles. If you have enabled the “Show certain notifications only after click” setting, you may need to click within one of the web form fields to be prompted with the form fill notification. LastPass enables this option by default.

Show Save Site Notifications: When enabled, LastPass will prompt you to save the login data for an unsaved site after you have logged in the first time. LastPass enables this option by default.

Show certain notifications only after click: When enabled, this setting restricts how often LastPass will prompt you for form fill and LastPass logins. For example, if you enable this setting, LastPass will not prompt to fill a web form until you have clicked within one of the web form fields. We have enabled this default setting to reduce the frequency with which LastPass prompts you with the notification bar. LastPass enables this option by default.

Show Fill Notification Bar:  Enables the 2.0 style notification bar that offers to AutoLogin or AutoFill your website credentials for you.

Show Save Site Notification Bar: Enables the notification toolbar that offers to save a  new site entry when LastPass detects that a new password has been entered for a site.

Show Change Password Notification Bar: Enables the dropdown toolbar when LastPass detects a password that is different from the password stored for that site entry in your Vault. LastPass enables this option by default.

Click Icons in Fields: Enables the 3.0 style field icons that allow you to seamlessly AutoFill your website credentials.

Show Matching Sites Count In Toolbar [Currently Chrome only]:  Shows the number of matching site entries stored in your Vault for the current page your browser is on in the bottom of the LastPass icon located in your browser toolbar.