Never URLs

The ‘Never URLs’ tab allows you to view all those sites for which you have indicated a ‘Never’ action. To view your ‘Never URLs’, launch your Account Settings and choose the fourth tab over from the left:



  • You may encounter a site that you do not want LastPass to offer to save, generate a password for, fill forms, autologin, or autofill.
  • You can either manually add the domain or site in your account settings menu, or you can disable the site from the LastPass Field Icons.
  • If you want to manually save a ‘Never’ action for a page or domain, simply enter the URL in the field, select the type of ‘Never’ action from the dropdown menu, then click ‘Add’.
  • You can also delete a ‘Never’ action by clicking on the grey ‘x’ next to the site entry in your Account Settings ‘Never URLs’ tab.
  • LastPass does not store any default Never URLs.

Disable Using Field Icons

Click on the Field Icon:


Click on the more option:





Click on the disable option:


And confirm if you want to disable the site (domain) or that specific page: