Found in the ‘Account Settings‘ dialog box, the ‘General’ settings tab allows you to view your account login information as well as modify global settings such as language, time zone, and auto-logoff features:


To save any changes before exiting the Settings dialog box, simply click ‘Update’. You will need to enter your Master Password to confirm changes. If you want to only view your Settings or do not want to save any changes, click ‘Cancel’ or the ‘x’ in the top-right corner to close out of the dialog window.

Email: View the email address used to access your LastPass account.

New Master Password: If you would like to change your Master Password, simply type a new one into the field. The color gradient below the field shows the security level of your new Master Password. Simply click ‘Update’ to save the changes.

Password Reminder: When you create your LastPass account you can choose to enter a phrase that will remind you of your Master Password. For security purposes, we recommend that you do not type your actual Master Password. If at any time you wish to modify your password hint, or if you choose to change your Master Password and therefore need a new reminder, simply type in the new phrase and select ‘Update’.

Time Zone: Indicate your time zone from the dropdown menu relative to GMT.

Language: You can change the default language selection of English to any of our other supported languages. Once you have saved the language change by clicking ‘Update’, you will need to log off and log back in to update your settings. Editing your language selection from your Online Vault will only apply to viewing and using the Online Vault – language settings for your browser plugins need to be changed in the Advanced tab of the Preferences control panel.

Website autologoff timeout: This controls how long your session exists on the server, allowing you to automatically log in when using the plugin. This assumes that your session does not get destroyed by methods such as explicitly logging out or closing the browser when ‘Logoff when browser is closed’ is enabled in your Extension Preferences.

Bookmarklet autologoff timeout: Similar to ‘Website auto-logoff timeout’ in that it controls how long your session exists on the server, except it applies to the Bookmarklets feature.

Only allow login from select countries: Allows you to restrict login to IP addresses originating only from the country that you select

Disallow logins from Tor network: Blocks any login that originate from Tor (virtual tunnel network).

Kill other sessions on login: Automatically logs you out of any other sessions when logging in to your account. You must have polling enabled to use this feature, which is unchecked by default.

Send anonymous error reporting data to help improve LastPass: Helps us work out any potential bugs or compatibility issues.

Remove duplicate entries from your account: You may find that you want to delete any duplicate entries for one or more sites stored in your vaults. By clicking on this link, LastPass will determine if a site is ‘unique’ or not by comparing domain, username, and password. After launching the ‘deduplicator’, you will be able to view the duplicate(s) and have the option of deleting the duplicate entries.